Miriam Kimani

Hello. I would like to hope you are well during this time. Time is free but expensive to use: take each moment, each second, each minute, each hour and day and make it special in some way. You’re probably here to figure out what am doing next. Perhaps, you have captured on the next phase am taking. Either way, I’m not taking this phase as an expert but, they say ‘experience is the best teacher’: so, I decided to bring you experience, voices who, are ‘fearless of loosing others but afraid of losing themselves to the wrong people – unknown.
A big thank you to the amazing people who, took on this journey to help me voice out the thoughts in my head and bring it live in to words and experienced realities. Reflecting Proverbs 27:17.
With experience, come also the word, the roots we often forget when rushing feet ends up making mistakes… Hence, the conclusion we often find is: when, we give/share a story we find a solution in the word.
This is not the end. I have a few more amazing people coming up next as, I continue to add some more spices to the next read.
In the meantime, have you shared with a friend? If it’s a NO … It’s as simple as copying this link and forwarding to one for others to get encouraged too. Don’t win alone and win inside out!