Miriam Kimani

Writer’s bio

Miriam Kimani is a mentor, writer and an educator, who expertly strives for excellence in everything she lays her hands on. Balancing a career, calling and personal life in a world full of cosmetic faces navigating through peer pressure or of living the expected young kind of life styles by what the ideology typically expects to see in every PK’s life.

Miriam is a keen, dedicated and an effervescent individual who can not pinpoint one thing SHE would do for the rest of HER life, as SHE ENJOYS to do everything and see others benefit from the service SHE provide and puts a smile and a change in someone’s mindset and life. In her spare time, she provides tuition services for various age groups as her first chosen career. Standing out as A true example of each one teach one.

Miriam is a keen learner,who in the year 2015 had the opportunity to be a part of GLP programme which enlightened her on how to become an impactor within her sphere.

Miriam has made a debut in TV interview for the book project winning outside losing inside (2018 including radio Stations.) In 2019 she was given an honorary award by Face of Kenya UK as an outstanding youth author.

Miriam continues to have a desire of writing as she experiences life and lives with people to know their issues and with God to solve the unmentioned areas, that are less magnified but wounds a lot of people on a daily bases.

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